Across the Bay 12k

I have often heard that the Across the Bay 12k is a great race: well organized, fun but challenging course, great views. So I finally got the chance to run it this past Sunday and it definitely held up to expectations.

Sunday was an especially beautiful day, more so that it was smack in the middle of the June Gloom season but it was sunny and clear.

I made my way across the bay (see what I did there) from Alameda with teammate and running buddy extraordinaire Connie. Within 5 minutes of parking we had already ran into Erin and Lisa from Wolfpack (🐺🧑), my coach who also works for Represent Running (the group that puts on the race), and Katie (Arete Santa Cruz teammate, also employee of RR). And then in line we ran into Sheridan, another Arete teammate.

We shuttled over to Sausalito, where the race start is (we had parked near Ghiradelli Square, close to the finish). At the start, we found more friends: Sam (another Wolf) and Margaret (Arete Santa Cruz OG). The warmup was pretty boring, not much room to run, but did the trick. A quick drop off of our gear and then time to go!

My plan for this race was to overcome my head case issues from Boston, push hard, run by feel. I had some lofty idea of an average pace (6:45) that I fell short of but I’m pretty happy anyway.

The race winds down from the start in the first mile, then up and up to the Golden Gate Bridge, across the bridge (hello false flat!), up and down through the outer edge of the Presido, along the flat Crissy Field, past Fort Mason, then a quick little up and own to end at Aquatic Park. A lot of this is a reverse of the SF Marathon/1st Half. So I was familiar with it and knew what to expect. I ran exactly by how I felt and settled into a groove. For about 5 miles I hung near the same dude, but he was able to push it into a faster year in the last 1.5/2 miles or so. I didn’t have that gear this time but hopefully next race!

I finished at 51:46 (12k ~ 7.5 miles, who knew? Not me!) Splits: 6:32, 7:47, 6:53, 6:28, 6:39, 6:55, 6:53, 7:08 (final .5.). Also my first race with my new Garmin πŸ˜„

I ended up 1st in my age group and 6th woman. (This is misleading. Because this is PA race most of the fasties are in the PA division and therefore not counted in these results.) The only downside of the race was gear check was a bit of a hot mess (lots of factors here: the truck bringing our gear across the bay got back late, runners wanted their stuff and were a little pushy, and some inexperienced volunteers got overwhelmed). But really this was a very small downside.

After the race I cooled down like a tourist, seeing the sea lions and sights at Pier 39. I reconnected with Connie and Sheridan and we enjoyed milkshakes from Ghiradelli. All in all a great morning!



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