Turkey Trot & miniKEG’s First Race!

I’m not a big fan of Thanksgiving (I don’t eat turkey, the history of the holiday is complicated, I don’t like the traveling…) but I do love Turkey Trots. A fun race before eating a bunch, sure!


This year, I ran the Redlands Turkey Trot for the 3rd year in a row. I had flirted a bit with the idea of racing it but I ended up using it as a tempo workout (and because my longs were still bothered from all the bad air, it was the best I could do anyway). I’m keeping my recap super short because K’s is more fun.


My warm up consisted of a lap around my sister-in-law’s neighborhood before we drove to Redlands, K’s race, and a jaunt to the bathrooms to wait in a very long line. I ran the first mile right on target, ran too fast the second mile, and slowed down in the third finishing at 20:15 (or something) and averaging a 6:35 pace (a bit faster than the coach planned but not crazy off). It earned me a first place in AG (which included a shirt that said winner, haha, and a new Asics backpack) and 4th overall woman. Then I did two super easy miles cool down while my father-in-law and niece finished the trot (the niece was injured so they walked it).


But what was really exciting is that the kiddo ran her first race! I had asked her and the hubs if she wanted to run when I was registering myself. Both said yes (although I’m sure only one really knew what that meant). The morning was pretty chilly, so K went with joggers, her Arete kids shirt, a fleece sweatshirt, and her New Balance running shoes.


Can you find us? (Look for the girl purple sweatshirt!)


We lined up with a whole bunch of kids ranging from about K’s age to low teens. It was a pretty long distance for a kid’s race: 1k (about .62 of a mile, although I’m sure it was actually longer). K seemed a little intimidated by the crowds and other kids. I told her that if she didn’t want to race she didn’t have to and we could cheer instead. I love that she wants to run but I don’t want force it on her. She seemed unsure until she saw a little girl, about 5, who was wearing the same shoes and then K was super excited!


The race started and we ran by the hubs, the FIL, and K’s cousin (my niece). K was so proud – big smiles. She ran like a champ … for a tenth a mile. Then, “Mommy, I want up!” So I picked her up and we walked (my kid is too heavy for me to carry and run). She was still very excited. There was a person dressed as a bear running with the kids, she loved it. In fact, every time I’ve asked her about the race since then she tells me she saw a running bear. She also told me (as I carried her), “I’m running my first race!” Sure you are, haha. We saw the cheer squad again and plugged on through the park.


“Running” her first race!

Ok carrying a kid this long was getting tiring and I could see that the course was going to be  longer than expected. So I cheated. Yep, I cut the course short bringing us near the finish line. K was ready to run again! We started running toward the finish, but then she was scared of all the people cheering. Her dad jumped in with us so we all crossed the finish line together.


I’ve asked her about the race several times since and she’s always very proud. She even brought her medal to show and tell at daycare when we got back in town. I asked her what she told her friends about her medal. She said, “there was a running bear!”


So proud!


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