This the revised version of my earlier blog (laughrunresearchwrite). I took some time off blogging in 2015 after finally running the Boston Marathon. Since then I finished my PhD and had my daughter (who is known to the interwebs as miniKEG). I continue to work, teaching History at the college level, and run. I decided to return back to blogging because I feel like I have more to say, both as a runner, a mom, and well a human being.

The blog name goes way back to a nickname an old friend of mine gave me, PegLegMeg and I added runs because that’s what I do now. I felt it was time to use a new name for the blog as I some of my goals and aims for it have changed.

Hopefully readers to this blog will find discussions on running, moming, and finding the balance between trying to like kale and eating its-it ice cream sandwiches for dinner. And just having fun as best I can.





4 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Dale Sandley says:

    525 miles ran in March! Awesome effort. At this pace you will “Run this Year” very early. You are inspiring!

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