She.Is.Beautiful Baby Mama 10k

For the past couple years, I have made the She Is Beautiful race part of my spring line up. I ran it after my first marathon in 2011 (its inaugural year) and for several reasons didn't get the chance to return until 2015. That year I used it as a tune up for Boston. In … Continue reading She.Is.Beautiful Baby Mama 10k


That One Time I Broke 20!

I had intentions of 2018 being the year I got back into blogging. I started out strong - a recap of January's runs... And here were are in April. And while the real reason I'm motivated to blog is to share the wild ride that was Boston, I wanted first to recap the KP 5k. … Continue reading That One Time I Broke 20!

Two Races, One Weekend, The Most Fun!

Last weekend was CIM. For those of you unfamiliar with the California International Marathon (CIM), it is a well-known course for being fast due its net downhill and securing many a BQ. In fact, the first time I attempted to BQ was back in 2012 at CIM. This year I was not running the marathon, … Continue reading Two Races, One Weekend, The Most Fun!